Table of Contents/Excerpts

  • Reason 1 – To Save Your Marriage
  • Reason 2 – Because Babies Are So Cute
  • Reason 3 – You’re Still A Child (excerpt)
    It’s not a good idea to have a child until you’re finished being a child. This is a time for a wide variety of experiences, tempered with a growing sense of responsibility. This is the soil where wisdom will begin to flower. Use this budding wisdom-don’t have a kid if you’re still a kid.
  • Reason 4 – No Matter How Much You Do, It Won’t Be Enough
  • Reason 5 – You Were Raised In A Dysfunctional Family
  • Reason 6 – Changing Diapers (excerpt)
    This must be one of those Venus & Mars things. Women don’t seem to mind changing diapers as much as men do. Women actually sing lullabies while changing diapers. That requires breathing! When it comes to changing diapers, a mom will change too many, and for a dad, one is too many. So I’ll leave you with this dyslexic observation; diaper spelled backwards is repaid.
  • Reason 7 – Divorce
  • Reason 8 – 2 AM Feedings
  • Reason 9 – You Don’t Have The Time
  • Reason 10 – It Might Be A Boy
  • Reason 11 – It Might Be A Girl
  • Reason 12 – To Take Care Of You When You Get Old (excerpt)
    Children today are placed in daycare when they need us most, deprived of the time, attention, and love that is vital in the early years of life, and can only come from a parent. If we won’t sacrifice for our children during their most tender years, why should we expect them to sacrifice for us during our most fragile years?
  • Reason 13 – The Parent Tax
  • Reason 14 – Driving
  • Reason 15 – The Loss Of Freedom
  • Reason 16 – You Can’t Afford To
  • Reason 17 – It’s The Thing To Do
  • Reason 18 – Colic
  • Reason 19 – Your Parents Want Grandchildren
  • Reason 20 – School
  • Reason 21 – Ritalin
  • Reason 22 – To Fill A Need Within Yourself
  • Reason 23 – You Can’t
  • Reason 24 – You Will Be Held Accountable
  • Reason 25 – You’re A Hollerer Or Screamer

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