About the Author

About the Author – Joe Sindoni

Joe Sindoni spent over 20 years as a single dad – a full time stay at home Mr. Mom. He’s also a writer, ocean lifeguard, and ran a small business from the age of 23. He discovered that raising children was more challenging, emotionally draining, and required a lot more skills than most jobs, businesses or careers. During his kids teenage years he chose Stand Up Comedy (over Prozac) to keep his sanity. He strongly believes that life can be just as fulfilling, rewarding, and enjoyable without kids. Maybe even more so. His personal essays have been published in newspapers and magazines, including a contest winning story in Writers Digest. The Philadelphia Inquirer and Baltimore Sun featured his essays on being a father in today’s world. He is currently residing in Springfield, Pennsylvania.

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A Message From the Author

The trials and tribulations with kids in this generation are unlike anything parents have had to deal with before. A happy family is like a mirage. You keep thinking you see it and struggle to attain it, but usually just find more hot sand. And during this heroic journey of parenthood you can expect to carry the burdens, suffer through the set backs and have your advice regularly ignored, only to be blamed for everything that goes wrong. 50 Reasons Not To Have Kids is coming from the trenches – a full time Mr.Mom from diapers to driving. This is not a book about how bad kids are. It’s about how poorly prepared we are for the job of bringing them up, and to dispel the myth that life with children is more fulfilling than a life without a child of your own. 50 Reasons is not simply a snapshot of the surface, it’s a window into the soul of parenting.